Testimonials for Ronit Broder


Prebirth Acupuncture

Prebirth treatment

"Thanks for making my pre labour a better, calmer environment. I went into this with concerns over labour etc, but came out feeling ready" VR


"I have found the support and treatments from Ronit hugely beneficial and would highly recommend her to anyone. Her knowledge and experience means she can offer the best treatment for a huge range of conditions." KG

Cancer support

Menopausal symptoms post cancer treatment:

"I found treatment very relaxing and found Ronit reassuring and gave me confidence. I felt great benefit from the treatment". JL


"I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for 5 years and had various therapies to ease pain and muscle tension. I have found acupuncture treatments from Ronit effective in relieving both these symptoms and giving me a sense of overall wellbeing" PJ

Fertility support

"Ronit took a very thorough approach to my treatments. You feel that Ronit truly cares about you as a patient with a sympathetic approach to your issues. Its a must for IVF - without her I wouldn't get through it." LL

"Before seeing Ronit, my knowledge on acupuncture was limited. After the first session that changed, as she explained the full treatment to me; advised on future treatments, my diet etc. Treatments were most enjoyable, relaxing, pain free and after each one, I felt better. Thank you so much for your kindness, understanding, great help and support given". NS

Hashimoto's Disease and pain management

Ronit has helped me greatly. I was feeling very low and desperate when I met her. I don't know how I would have coped without her help and advice" VM


Sport's injury

"Ronit is a very competent practitioner - made putting needles in me a very relaxing experience" KH

"I received acupuncture for severe neck pain which painkillers had failed to ease. Within the first two sessions, the pain greatly reduced and by the fourth session the pain had completely subsided. Highly Recommend Ronit." KD

Hay Fever

Although a little apprehensive, Ronit was able to put me at ease and provide reassurance. Treatment at times was a little uncomfortable but mild. Effect of treatment has exceeded my expectations". DH